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                               Anthony experienced almost 11 years of cocaine and alcohol abuse. Suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and loss of hope plagued his life with a few overdose scares. He found himself in a situation like most people do. “Why is my life this way?” and “How can I turn my life around?” His family stuck around as long as they could helping him, before they left him alone in his addiction. There was only so much they could do. He now found himself fighting for his life in 2009 and wondered what would become of it.

Now, he is 11 years clean and sober, and his family is back together. He now wants to share his journey with the world and tell people how he did it. Anthony has a master’s degree in Christian Counseling and Substance abuse. Since receiving

those degrees, he has become a Recovery Coach, helping countless men and women in their addictions. He and his wife Sasha, pastor Mountain View church in

Alamogordo, NM where he also enjoys preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ.

If there is one thing Anthony understands, it’s YOU! He has been in so many dark places, and so many challenging areas of his life that he is thankful to be alive today. His message is simple “If God can help me and turn my life around, He can do the same for you.”

Since his sobriety, Anthony is preparing to open the first DETOX/RECOVERY center in Alamogordo, NM; a town so desperately plagued by addiction. The Center will be called New Life Recovery Center.

Recovered Addicts Founder, Anthony Torres, is an overcomer.


Another avenue that Anthony is using to help others through addiction is ta book he has completed entitled, “Letters to my People, Thoughts of a recovering addict.” His book has been helping many people and has been distributed to several local prisons and rehabilitation centers in New Mexico and throughout the world.

Anthony’s heart, with the support of his family is to REACH 1. To help and encourage as many people as he can with his story of redemption. He has set roots down in Alamogordo, NM, along with his wife Sasha his 4 wonderful children. Anthony is available to speak at any special events, prisons, or rehabilitation centers to encourage those struggling with similar issues that he has overcome.

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Hear what Pastors are saying:

"Freedom seems impossible to those held captive by addiction. Anthony Torres story of redemption and restoration is a testimony to Gods mercy, love and power for us all"

-Paul Vistine- (Pastor of LC First in Las Cruces,NM 

"He’s real and he’s relevant to a broken generation that feels rejected by the church. Anthony personifies the real message of Christ… “It’s not the whole that needs a physician, it’s the sick.” This message is visible and on display as Anthony shares his transformational journey.  His message will not only speak to those that have felt hopeless but also to believers that have given up on family and friends they believed to be a lost cause!"

-Robert Kennedy- (Pastor of Mustang Creek in Forney,Tx) 

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